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Gravity Doesn't Get Me Down

Physicsy puzzles are a bit in vogue just now - the ones where you've given a bunch of bits and bobs and told to create a device to turn on a light or press a button. Here's a demo of another, and it's pretty cute. And best of all, it's got Professor Heinz Wolff's name on it. Remember him? Off of The Great Egg Race? It's Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity.

The demo has six levels, of the full version's 100. So it's not exactly a hefty chunk of what's on offer, but it's still fun enough to get an idea. It's impressively not-fiddly, which is too often a problem with this style of thing. Crazy Machines II made that mistake, daunting with its twiddly bits. And it also doesn't require a physics and structural engineering degree like others. It also looks pretty cute.

The only real problem is the objects don't 'know' where they're being held. If I pick up a metal bar at one end, I'd prefer it swing down accordingly. That way I can throw and catch the pieces as I wish. In this to rotate you hold both mouse buttons down and drag the mouse up or down. It feels peculiar. Other than that, however, things are instinctive and entertaining. For these six levels at least. And not too easy, either.

I'm not entirely clear what it's got to do with Professor Heinz Wolff, beyond having a cartoon of him appear every now and then. I was disappointed not to hear his voice. However, you can hear a frightening robot version of the 80 year old's voice on the game's website.

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