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Gravity Thralls: Lethe

Fear and physics

Lethe is currently seeking votes on Greenlight and two teaser trailers have been released in an attempt to win over the public. I'm entirely comfortable describing the contents as 'Psi-Ops meets Amnesia'. The player character can levitate objects using a magical scab on his hand, throwing them across the room in a fit of rage or using them to activate distant pressure plates and the like. Story-wise, it's a creepy island investigation sort of vibe, starring handsomely-named journalist Robert Dawn. He is "searching for clues about a disaster on an isolated island. After coming in contact with an unknown substance, Robert mysteriously develops psychokinetic abilities, but not without a cost." It won't surprise you to learn that he is not alone.

Let us all take a moment to remember how ruddy brilliant Psi-Ops was. Done? Are you sure? I don't mind if you want to spend a little more time reminiscing. Or perhaps you're trying to tell me that I'm wrong and that Psi-Ops was a muddled mess only slightly redeemed by the ludicrous physics and tremendously baggy ragdoll corpses? Incorrect. It was entirely redeemed by those things.

As for Lethe, it doesn't set my heart racing just yet but there's potential in the combination of physical manipulation, and survive 'em up running and hiding.

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