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An RPG With A Bag For Life: Greedventory

Next level inventory management

I've always wondered what really happens inside those vast inventories adventurers keep in their trousers, and here's an RPG that takes inventory management to the next logical step: in the upcoming Greedventory [official site], your bag has its own ecosystem. Visually, it's a little like Darkest Dungeon, though it isn't actually dark as such. Big chunky animated characters and monsters stride or slither across the screen in a similar fashion though, and there are explosions of gore when a killing blow lands.

It's the bags I'm interested in though. Apparently, you might get a gnome paying rent to live in your inventory.

As the title suggests, this is a game with a big focus on inventory management. That's not just in terms of the weirdness of creatures living in your bag, it's to do with the skill system as well. There are no classes and every ability and stat comes from the equipment that you find, so you're defining your character as you go. Complicating matters, items will break after a while, forcing you to vary your approach, using whatever loot is on hand.

The developer describes the game as a "roguelike" ("rougelike", actually, but English is not the team's first language) so I suspect you'll be burning through characters rather quickly, which should make a reliance on random number generation less frustrating than it might be if you were heavily invested in a hero and ended up losing all your best gear and having to face a boss monster with a bucket on your head. Even so, a system that sees items either breaking or becoming more powerful when their durability runs out sounds like it might be too-reliant on chance.

There's plenty of time for things to change though, with development having recently restarted following a major overhaul of the central design. With a Kickstarter pending, developer Black Tower Basement expects to launch Greedventory in 2018. It's the art that drew me to the game originally and, for now, let's just look at some lovely landscapes.

And since all things whale are somewhat topical right now, look at this beauty:

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