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Green Screen: TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Footage

Readers! I have a joke for you. What's green, has four shells, and lives in the sewer with a big rat thing? And also knows ninjutsu and orders pizza? The answer is... wait! This isn't a joke book. It's my diary from 1989. I thought all the punchlines were worryingly personal. How did a joke book know about my imaginary butler, Pierce Craigson? It turns out back then I was really into the Turtles, and imagined myself to be the fifth crime-fighting green thing. I was "Indiana Jones Turtle", used a whip, and had some rather iffy ideas about April O'Neal. I was clearly an unimaginative idiot. Anyway, ten year-old me and thirty something (ahem) me both agree that the footage of the upcoming TMNT: Out Of The Shadows looks surprisingly good. Ooh, we can pretend we're all going in to the sewers. Follow me down.

I didn't even know there was going to be a game, and there's not even a website I can link to. I tried linking to the Nickelodean page of the current show it's based on, but that was a big bag of fail as well. It's a shame, because the flow of the combat at least appears promising, and seems to owe a fair amount to the recent Arkham games. And it's co-op, which makes me want to form my own little Turtle gang with my friends of a certain age. Bagsy me Michelangelo!

Watch on YouTube

And here is a rubbish trailer that shows nothing of the game.

Watch on YouTube

It'll be on Steam sometime this summer. I hope the don't take 'summer' to mean 'when it gets warm', or we'll never get to play the damn thing.

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