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Grin And Bear It: Bear Simulator Launches Kickstarter

Smarter than the average Kickstarter?

Does a bear shit in the woods? Hopefully, since this is Bear Simulator. It's a first-person game which aims to simulate being a bear. It's a Kickstarter campaign which aims to discover just how far the internet's love of novelty animal sims will stretch, after the resounding success of Goat Simulator. It's a trailer of an extremely early version, embedded below.

There's a thing in songwriting where, if a joke is in the chorus, the song quickly grows tiresome as the joke is repeated three or four times in the course of its length. I worry that games like Bear Simulator are a conceptual joke that's funny when you first hear of its existence, but becomes similarly tiresome when turned into a lengthy videogame. Is this a thing you actually want to play? Do you really want to live the life a bear? I'd maybe even be more intrigued if it seemed like they were approaching the subject seriously, with all the educational rigor of something like WolfQuest.

That said, I'm probably just a curmudgeon with a bad case of the grumps. Friend-of-RPS Philippa Warr responds much more reasonably with:

The Kickstarter campaign is a quarter of the way towards its $29,500 goal, and has more details including how the game will encourage exploration, and that eating a Dead Raccoon gives you -2 to your Luck stat. Alright, slightly more intrigued now.

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