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GTA 5 PC Release Date Postponed: Gripe City

Sad Andreas

Good news, urban misanthropy fans: Rockstar have offered a few more details on the PC (and PS4/Xbone) version of Grand Theft Auto V, and put out a new trailer showing it off.

Bad news: they've also announced a delay for the PC edition. Nobody loves us waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

While the Next Jennifer console versions of the open world driving/murder/tennis/etc sim will arrive on 18th November this year, the PC take on it won't be with us until January 27, 2015. 2015 is not the same year as 2014! Not fair! No reason for the delay has been given as yet.

Promised for this overhaul of the 360/PS3 title are:

  • - New activities;
  • - New weapons;
  • - New vehicles;
  • - Additional wildlife;
  • - Denser traffic;
  • - New foliage system;
  • - Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more.

That "much more" includes more songs on the radio stations, 'classic' vehicles from older GTAs and, once again, "more". MMOish multiplayer mode GTA Online, meanwhile, will support up to 30 players 'on PS4 and Xbox One', and the omission of PC there (it's specifically namechecked for other features in this here press release) seems deliberate. Is there any merit in speculating that the PC version will support more players? That might take the sting out of the delay, at least.

I suspect we won't find out quite what's going on in PC-land specifically until the marketing hammer hits again at that start of next year.

Speaking of marketing, here's a new trailer for the overhauled GTA V, apparently captured from the PS4 version, though consisting of very carefully-chosen shots:

I would now offer you my own opinion on GTA V, but that wouldn't be pure objectivity, would it?

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