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GTFO: A Film About Women In Gaming Is Going Ahead

A useful warning: If you don't like posts about issues related to women and gaming, don't read this post, and maybe scroll to one of the 17,000 other articles on the site! Hope this helps. (Boy would you look silly if you commented about it now.)

The consequences of last year's #1reasonwhy Twitter outpouring have been enormously productive. It feels as though a dam has been broken, and the negative treatment of women who game has a voice. After this year's inspiring GDC panel, there's a sense that it's a voice that isn't going to shut up until something changes. Another part of that voice is a film by Shannon Sun-Higginson called GTFO: A Film About Women In Gaming, and it's cleared its Kickstarter funding goals.

Obviously there are a lot of people who don't want this discussion to take place. There are those who simply don't care, don't harass women, and just want to get on with gaming. There are those who do not wish to be prevented from espousing their unpleasant attitudes. There are those that feel the peculiar, irrational sense of threat, that their safe space is being taken away from them. Unfortunately, all these attitudes only serve to sustain and endorse (tacitly or otherwise) a culture that deserves confrontation. The issue is real, no matter for what reason people may want to dismiss it.

Thence GTFO.

The KS page explains the scope of the film:

"GTFO will cover an array of topics, with trolling being just one of them. The film will also address: the portrayal of women in video games, the history of women in gaming, the experiences of women in the industry itself, the culture of games, the discouragement of young girls from participating, and more."

Cheers to VG247 who spotted this one.

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