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Guacamelee developers releasing their next game this month

Nobody Saves The World will be on Game Pass too

Following the colourful luchador metroidvania violence of the Guacamelee! series, developers Drinkbox Studios are returning to punch up fantasy in an action-RPG. Today they announced a release date of January 18th for Nobody Saves The World, a top-down ARPG with where players can transform into everything from a rogue to a rat, and customise them to be even weirder. It will be on Game Pass, too.

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When evil rises in Nobody Saves The World, it'll fall to use to save the world. Because we are Nobody. You see? It'll have us learn forms to shapeshift into (15+, they say), everything from a rogue or dragon to slug or ghost. Then you can combine those with 80-odd abilities from across forms to create builds.

Their blurb has an energy I appreciate: "Play as an Egg that can leave a trail of slime and shoot fireballs!!! We can't stop you!"

Lots of silly quests to help people to unlock all that jazz, they say. And online cooperative multiplayer.

I'm glad this is still colourful and silly. And heck, I'm glad to see more from Drinkbox—and something different. "I have had such a fantastic time with this enormous game," John Walker (RPS in peace) said in our Guacamelee review. Our Guacamelee! 2 review thought the sequel dragged on too long, though.

Nobody Saves The World will launch January 18th on Steam and Microsoft's Store, as well as Xboxes. And yup, it'll be on Game Pass for everyone.

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