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Guess the prices of celebrity messages in this fun free browser game

Paul Chuckle is HOW CHEAP?

If you wanted to get your pal an awkward personal video greeting from a celebrity for their birthday, who'd cost most: Al off Home Improvement, Carlton out Fresh Prince, or Kimmy Gibler from Full House? This question and more are posed by Comparatively Famous, a free browser game which asks you to guess prices for messages off the weird celebrity store Cameo. It's trickier than you might think.

You can play Comparatively Famous free over through this link. It's for one player, though you defs can enjoy playing while your pals on Discord/Zoom/whatever are also playing and shouting e.g. "ONLY $49 FOR PAUL CHUCKLE?" The game is five rounds long, with the first four asking you to rank three celebs in order of price, with bonus points for guessing the price of a random one. Then in the final round, you're given a budget to book a party, and have to draft from a wide selection of celebs without overspending.

This has been a surprise for me. The challenge isn't how famous someone is, after all, it's how much they think their time is worth and compared to other people. You're assessing celebrities' self-assesments, kinda. This sort of game could come off mean-spirited, but it feels fascinated more than anything. While I've no interest in buying a Cameo, playing Comparatively Famous has at times made me think "Oh no, come on, surely you're worth more than that" when I see how cheap some great folks are.

In what world is Randy Quaid charging $1000 when Ice Cube is only $500? And, I repeat, Paul Chuckle is only $49? For the price of one message from Randy, you could instead have a lively back-and-forth with twenty different takes of Paul saying "To me".

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The game only has a limited selection of everyone on Cameo so you will see repeats across games, but it has a pretty broad range of people and prices. The biggest challenge I faced was seeing Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse in one round, then the duo together in the next. Tricky, tricky.

Comparatively Famous is made by Lemon, who also did that wonderful daft WikiHow guessing game a few years back. They've got some other games on their kinda.fun website too, but I've been too lost in Cameo to check 'em out.

You could also, like, just browse Cameo.

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