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Puny Heroes Locate Guild Of Dungeoneering Release Plans

The business of dungeon-delving isn't the easiest. Oh, sure, you might triumphantly emerge with sacks of loot, taut triceps and a shiny new sword, but you might also be returning short a limb or two. Some don't make it back at all. Not to mention that being underground all that time does terrible things to your skin.

What you need is a union. Or perhaps a guild: a Guild of Dungeoneering. Yes, some sort of bureaucratic organisation designed to support your professional endeavours. That's what you need. They'll take a cut, of course, but they have your best interests at heart... don't they?

When Adam reported on the Guild of Dungeoneering alpha he described it as "a little like a concept in search of some content". Now that it's got another year of development tucked proudly under its belt (a Girdle of Piercing, don't you know), creator Colm Larkin has announced plans he's picked up a publisher and plans to release it in May 2015. It'll be coming to Windows and Mac via Steam, and tablets too.

As Guildmaster you're tasked with assembling the dungeons your heroes will explore, dropping rooms into position and placing both monsters and items. You'll need to balance risk versus reward in these decisions, since pitting nastier monsters against your heroes allows you to play better item cards, but there's always the risk that it'll all be a bit too much for the poor sods. Heroes also have some degree of autonomy, deciding where to go and what to fight, so you'd best design your dungeons carefully.

When you're not attempting to get your employees killed guiding your adventurers towards ultimate victory, wealth and fame, you'll be building up your Guild base and improving your decks of cards. Always important to keep yourself busy back at the office, eh? Else they'll be putting a sword in your hand next.

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