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Gunpoint meets Mavis Beacon in Rogue Process

Get yr Beacon

Lop the typing gland off Mavis Beacon, cut a graft slit into Gunpoint, then insert the typing into the window-smashing platform-o-hacking stem and seal the graft with wax, and- dear god, what have you done? Did you think that would work? How do you even think games are made? You big silly. You leave the work to Cut Garnet Games, who are making the interesting-looking Rogue Process [official site]. It's a stealth-o-action platformer about infiltrating buildings to hack systems, right, but hacking is down by typing the names of systems and abilities in a slow-mo word mode. Here, watch:

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Aye, it looks pretty fun for the emerging genre of Gunpointbuts (I'd put Deadbolt and Ronin in there too).

Here's how Cut Garnet Games describe it:

"Rogue Process is an action stealth game about typing to hack things. You play as a renegade hacker who makes a living smashing corporate security systems, stealing dark secrets and diving from the tops of exploding skyscrapers in slow motion. You can hack almost anything to suit the situation: breaking windows and wiping camera feeds; venting toxic waste to flush out guards or self-destructing a satellite to blow the side off a building. Buy software, sell secrets, take contracts and leave no traces.

"Hacking things in Rogue Process is as simple as typing a word: as soon as you enter hacking mode, time slows down and your deck reveals all the nearby hackable nodes. Want to hack that camera over there? Type its name, hit enter, and you've got three seconds to sneak by it. Your deck is also how you activate upgrades and augmentations. Guards giving you a hard time? Type SHOCK and hit enter, and your electroshock suit will take care of the rest."

The developers, I only found out after starting to write this, are actually the duo of Mike Cook and Marsh Davies. RPS readers may recognise them as the writers behind AI series Electric Dreams and our former Premature Evaulator. Our Graham tells me they both gabbed about it on an episode of friend-of-RPS podcast Crate & Crowbar [Half-Life references? Puhlease -ed.].

They're planning to launch Rogue Process in "late 2017" on Windows, Mac, and Linux and you can find (and vote for) it on Steam Greenlight here.

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