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Guns Guns Guns Guns Guns Guns: Warside

The profile of war

Warside, as a name, doesn't have the immediate appeal of Warface. Based on the trailer for the multiplayer shooter, the 'side' refers to the fact that it's a side-scrolling game in the style of Abuse and is therefore, quite literally, a different side of war. There's none of your first-person battling here, just lots of tiny men with jetpacks and energy shields firing many bullets at one another. Currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, it's clear to me that the game would have a gazillion more votes if it were called Warflank. I also await the announcement of Warrump, which is both a game about tight uniform trousers and the sound that an English colonel makes when he tastes inferior brandy.

Disappointingly, there are a couple of seconds in there when guns aren't firing continuously. I was hoping the entire thing was just rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat. The fact that 'Guns' and 'More Guns' are features almost makes up for those moments of calm though.

It all looks rather hectic, doesn't it? So hectic that I'm not sure which parts show two teams fighting one another and which are coop missions. There's no real indication of how the character progression will work either, although the Greenlight page reckons you can be a deadly but fragile assassin or a bullet sponge behemoth. It doesn't discuss the possibility of becoming a mild-mannered accountant.

How about those guns though, eh?

Hundreds of weapons available, from common assault rifles to futuristic ion launchers. A huge array of armor types, from lightweight protective vests to heavy exoskeletons. Customize your character using various implants, upgrade your weaponry with weapon attachments, and use gadgets to access special skills in combat from poison-arrow crossbows to stationary energy shields.

I can see a mild-mannered accountant resorting to various implants to make the work day just a little bit easier. A calculator instead of a left hand, for example, or an abacus in place of his waist. Every problem has a solution.

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