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Half-Life 3 To Be Announced At Gamescom? Who Knows

UPDATE: Guess what! Gamescom are now saying that Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age 3's appearances on the list was "a mistake", according to Eurogamer. Although they won't say how that mistake happened. Also, Lamda Generation heard from Valve (a rare treat) saying they weren't showing any games this year.

Another Half-Life 3 confirmation rumour? Why not. T3 have spotted, on the Gamescom pdf designed to show press what games are appearing, the Half-Life 3 is listed as Valve's entry. You can see it for yourself right here.

It could of course me a mistake. It could be a joke by someone. It could be a crack in the fabric of time and space, allowing an entry from Gamescom 2098 to appear on 2012's list.

But then, as T3 reports, that magazine that sells a lot of copies in Gamestop and is owned by Gamestop is delaying its print date this month in order to fit in an enormous announcement. In fairness, their penchant for hyperbole and their dedication to giving 2,901,393 pages to absolutely anything if they get some stupid month-long exclusive on promoting a product for someone else, means it could well be City Bus Simulator München, also appearing on that GC list.

Half-Life 3 rumours have been getting busier and busier of late, but seemingly not ever at the hand of Valve. A gamer spots what looks like Gordon Freeman's face on their toast and causes a mass pilgrimage to their house, or someone plays Wheatley's Spike Award acceptance speech backward and translates it into Swahili to get the number 3, and the entire internet explodes in a frenzy of frothing speculation, us included. This time it's a word on a pdf, so back up that salt truck before taking this as genuine.

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