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Halo 2: Anniversary comes to PC next week

Master Chef is back with another spicy dish

The adventures of Master Chief will continue in Halo 2: Anniversary next Tuesday, May 12th, Microsoft have announced. This time Master Chief (a name I still refuse to believe is real, even as characters say it) and Cortana (a name I still reuse to believe Microsoft reused for their voice-activated searchbot) are joined by a new ally, switching perspectives for part of the story. I'm weirdly hesitant to say more. It might be a cool surprise if you've not heard owt about Halo 2 over the past 16 years?

Anniversary is the remastered edition which launched on Xbox One in 2014. Now it'll hit PC with extra technological bells and whistles including support for 60fps, 4k resolution, ultrawide resolutions, an FoV option, and such.

Halo 2: Anniversary is coming May 12th to Steam and the Microsoft Store. I assume it'll cost £6 if you buy it desperately, like Halo and Halo: Reach before it. It's also part of the £30 Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which will grow to have most the series so far - minus Halo 5. Or it'll be available through Xbox Game Pass For PC, Microsoft's £4/month subscription service which really is the most affordable way to play any of their games.

Halo 2 has been on PC before. It was one of Microsoft's Windows Vista exclusives back when they were half-arsing a commitment to PC gaming with loathsome garbage like Games For Windows Live. Still, it was here for a while. Halo 2 PC multiplayer shut down in 2013, after six years.

While Microsoft continue to release older Halos on PC, the new-new Halo Infinite is due to launch in the 2020 holiday season (November-ish). We've still not seen much of it, though I do expect something for Microsoft's monthly stream in July.

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