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If you have a spare hour, here's a lot of Halo: Reach's Firefight

The power hour

It's good to feel excited about Halo again, isn't it? After all those years of Microsoft teasing us, saying stuff like: "The PC is an important platform for us and we are committed to a long and loving relationship with it," and then leaving us at the altar time and time again... well, it started to get a little bit old. But now we know that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming for sure, we can all get excited again.

Anyway, developer 343 Industries hosted the first look at Halo: Reach PC's Firefight mode on Mixer. Want to watch an hour of the game's co-op PvE mode for the first time on PC?

You do! That's great! Let's get interactive! I've embedded the Mixed VOD below. If you're just here for the action, you need to drag the slider to 32 minutes in, which is about a third of the way in. There's some pleasant dev-chat beforehand, but the game is the star, and from there on it's all action.

Firefight is a 1-4 player co-op mode against waves of the Covenant. It's quite a messy thing to show, really. It's tough to appreciate the context of the action, but the team talking over the top do go into lots of areas of the game's development, so you're getting the game and some interesting development stories.

If you want to look at the settings, they poke about 55 mins in. It has some of the most complex mouse acceleration options I've seen in a while.

This is what the next Halo "flight" will be, which is the insider term for "big game chonk". They're cagily releasing slices of the game to the community, testing it piecemeal with the lucky community members. So if you're in that, you'll be able to do all that was shown here, across the Beachhead, Corvette, and Holdout maps.

There's no information as to when this will all form into a complete game, but there's progress! We're told Halo: Reach should make it before 2020.

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