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Halo's iconic Blood Gulch is now in Fortnite with capture the flag

And so is Master Chief himself

During last night's The Game Awards show with games announcements man Geoff Keighley, a different Geoff actually arrived to deliver one of the reveals. Geoff Ramsey, one of the voices from ye olde Halo-based Red Vs Blue web series, popped out in character as Grif of the red team to announce a new capture the flag map for Fortnite inside a very familiar canyon.

Here's the reveal for ya, featuring Red Vs Blue characters Grif and Sarge meeting up with Ninja, that Fortnite player you might be familiar with. They're all gabbing inside the Blood Gulch map from classic Halo recreated inside Fortnite. The first season of Red Vs Blue that you "probably watched about ten years ago" (help, my entire 20s just flashed before my eyes) was set inside Blood Gulch, thus the cameo, you see.

Blood Gulch, which has been recreated a handful of times throughout Halo game history under various names (another part of the gag in that announcement video up there) has been recreated once more, this time inside Fortnite by Atlas Creative.

Over in Fortnite proper, the battle royale 'em up, you can fight to last chief standing with a new Master Chief skin and some related cosmetics. Along with the classic green suit, you can find other chief accessories like a Pelican glider, a gravity hammer pickaxe, and an Elite skull back tat. You can catch more on the Master Chief skins and cosmetics in Epic's announcement.

Blood Gulch is live now, Epic say, so you can pop on in yourself to play a round of capture the flag. You'll find it under the Featured Hub in game. You can find Master Chief and his accoutrements in the Item Shop.

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