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Hammer Time: The Dead Linger's Barricade Update

The first victims of the end of the world will be the thumbs of the survivors. The second victims will be the innocent planks of wood, who will suffer from the nails and clumsy hammer thumps of people trying to keep the undead at bay. I'll make sure I create a monument to the brave thumbs and planks when I get into The Dead Linger, Sandswept Studio's open-world game of post-apocalyptic survival. I'll be able to because they've just added some interesting freeform barricading to their procedurally-generated world, allowing builders to create anything from shoddy fences, to solid, nearly impenetrable walls.

There's something very Garry's Mod about this barricade tech: the planks float in the air in front of the player, who rotates it into position before whacking it in place. It seems quite neat, and has plenty of scope for those with the time and talent to make something so tight that only a zombie atom could squeeze through. Wood is gathered from chopping trees, and there are other barricade materials to find as well. I'd just take some doors and nail them together, creating what might be called a megadoor. Then I'd shut it and lock it. Don't worry: the zombies won't be able to hear my giggling because the megadoor is thick enough to deaden the sound. I'm not a monster.

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It's clearly a game that's going to build up the systems before taking on the other challenges they face. The zombies are all one model, and the animation makes my eyes twitch. But I'd quite like to try it out. Anyone been playing it?

Oh, yada yada Greenlight yada.

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