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Handball Challenge Training Camp Demo

It's impossible to resist a demo of a game called Handball Challenge Training Camp. What could it be? Diego Maradona's guide to winning at foot-to-ball? Er, another joke relating to a sport I don't understand? No no, it's a German game of Handball simulation. Knowing you, you probably know all about handball already. I sure didn't. But then, I'm still not quite sure what rugby league is. So if you want to play it in gaming form, perhaps even to discover its very existence, you can totally do that now.

This is a fully licensed thing, even with multiple music tracks and so on, in the vein of an EA or 2K sports game, although clearly with a sliver of the budget. It's rather still in German. All the text is English, but the characters in-game speak German with English subtitles. And what exactly is going on is a little mysterious. I had to run around a cone, then do something where the controls hadn't been explained to me, and then it crashed. Which wasn't perhaps the most clarifying experience. However, to get a slightly better idea you can watch this trailer:

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