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Hard Choices Update: SSD Price Crash

Quick heads-up for the hardware-hungry RPS massive: SSD prices have fallen off a cliff in recent weeks, so if you've been holding off until now it may be time to swoop on one.

There are a lot of great deals out there right now, but one of the best for UK folk has got to be flogging 128GB Samsung 830s for £80 and 256GB models for just £170, both with free delivery so as far as I can tell, those prices are actually what you'll pay.

Lest you have forgotten, the 128GB version of the 830 was going for £130 when I did the SSD guide less than a month and a half ago. That said, the 256GB price is particularly pleasing as it goes a long way towards diffusing the one remaining sticking point with SSDs, namely capacity.

Ebuyer has some nice deals too, as do plenty of the usual online suspects. May I politely suggest now's the time to pull the trigger and make the move to solid state. I should think prices will level off for a while, now. It wouldn't shock me to see them go back up for a bit, in fact. Hell, I might even buy one myself.

Have our US Squadron spotted any similarly appealing deals on the other side of the pond? If so, please do make them known below.

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