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Hardware: The Infinite Conundrum

So I am going to rebuild my PC soon, and that got me thinking about the infinite variations of hardware, and I wondered how many of you guys are planning to upgrade or get a new PC, given this year's avalanche of PC games. I mean, clearly it's not the same as it was a few years ago, when the march of graphics cards went hand-in-hand with software that supported them, and we all started moaning about it costing £7000-a-month to run a PC, but I am still considering how top-notch I want The Witcher 2 to look, and whether I could get Call of Pripyat running at even higher detail levels on a fresh, rather more resplendent, machine. I can wait no longer for the computational newness. So...

EDIT: Argh, I can't get polls working. Something has made the buttons stop working! This internet science is beyond me. Instead, I've posed some questions, below, that you can consider in the comments.

1. Are you going to buy a new PC, or upgrade your PC this year?

2. If buy, how much do you think you might spend?

3. If upgrade, what parts do you expect to change?

4. If you don't intend to buy or upgrade, is that because your PC is still good? When was that PC built? (Mine has not really had much of an overhaul in two years, for example, and I am only just thinking of tinkering with it now.)

5. Do you use a laptop for gaming? If so, why that rather than a lovely desktop box?

6. Are you clueless about building stuff and think it costs £2000 for a new PC? If so, would you like RPS to show you how to build a cheap, fast PC?

7. If you're buying a new graphics card, what are you getting, and why?

8. And why are decent PSUs so expensive!? Seems like a big old price gouge to me. But anyway.

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