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Fuser, that mash-up maker from the creators of Rock Band, is out now

Smash Mouths with The Cranberries? Aye, go on.

Plastic instruments and rock music is out, readers. It's all about mash-ups now, and while we don't all have the patience to actually go off and learn audio engineering, the Rock Band and Dance Central buffs at Harmonix are re-mixing things up with their new game, Fuser. The studio's new act takes the stage today, with over 100 bangers on the shelf ready for you and your friends to slam together in a do-it-yourself desktop concert.

You can check up on the full song list here - and yes, they've got All Star. Your dreams of mixing up your own Niel Cicierega Mouth Sounds tribute are very much a possibility.

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Abelton Live it ain't, but Fuser looks still looks a remarkably versatile music-mixing kit. You've got a deck of tunes to pick from, so to speak, each with distinct tracks for vocals, bass, and various instruments, each of which can be swapped in and out of your hand as desired. It also looks like you've got a good deal of control over things like the BPM and levels, with the option to fiddle with your own loops and MIDI-pad bespoke instrumentals.

Many of these tools and tracks are unlocked in the campaign, which offers up various musical challenges to complete and should help you get to grips with the whole DJ setup. But Fuser looks like a game best enjoyed in its Freestyle musical sandbox, or in collaborative multiplayer sessions where you and a group of pals bash together your own impromptu setlist.

Once you've put together a show, you'll be able to export your performance to social media feeds - though, music copyright being what it is, I wouldn't expect to make a career outta these bangers.

There's already a ton of new tracks flooding the game's DLC list, with plenty more sure to come. Quietly, though, I'm excited for the knock-on effect of kids taking up proper music-making after cutting their teeth on Fuser. After all, how many of y'all ended up trying to pick up a real guitar after a few hours with Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

Fuser is out now on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £55/€60/$60.

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