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Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories Is Coming To PC

Welcome to farmville.

Farming simulators are no stranger to the PC, but our selection tends to favour combine harvesters over tender romance. Things change. The next Harvest Moon game, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories [official site], has just been announced and it's coming to PC. The above image and a single tweet is all we have so far - more will be shown at E3 - but it's worth noting that a long-running and popular series is sowing its wild oats beyond its normal Nintendo home.

The Harvest Moon series are RPGs in which combat isn't the central mechanic and instead you spend your time with the ways of country living: breeding chickens, growing crops, and romancing the man or woman you fancy from the local village. (I live in Somerset in the UK and yep, that sounds about right). The subject matter is less bold now than when the series started in 1996, but they're still lovely, soothing games.

For all the loving romance in the game, the series has recently undergone an awkward divorce as original series' developers Marvellous Entertainment split with North American publishers Natsume. That would be fine, but Natsume retained the name, allowing them to develop their own Harvest Moon games. That began with Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley and is continuing with this new game, Seeds of Memories. Marvellous meanwhile have continued the series themselves but without the name, releasing Story of Seasons for 3DS late last year. Harvest Moon players more expert than me will presumably have opinions about which is the Championship Manager and which is the Football Manager in this equation.

Here's that tweet I mentioned:

Thanks, Kotaku UK.

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