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Have you played… Alto's Odyssey?

My most played mobile game, and hopefully soon yours too

As a devout pluviophile and a lover (and creator) of abstract digital landscapes, there are very few moments that bring me as much pleasure and serenity as when it rains in Alto's Odyssey.

The sequel to the very similar and equally stunning Alto's Adventure, Alto's Odyssey is a simple endless runner (or, to be more accurate, an endless snowboarder) game available on Google Play and iOS. The only thing that sets it apart from other endless runners is that it is just about the most relaxing game on the planet. Unbelievably gorgeous landscapes, a marvellous soundtrack that walks a constant tightrope between tranquil and vitalizing, and simple-but-solid controls that never demand too much of you.

In my first year working for RPS, I was commuting from Wimbledon to Brighton and back on most days. It took its toll, spending hours every day on a train. To cope, I split my time in half while travelling. 50% of my time would be spent sleeping. The other 50% would be spent playing Alto's Odyssey. It was incredible how totally absorbed I would become the moment I put in my earphones and tapped that start button. I would enter the flow state so readily, and all the dirt and noise of the commute would just fall away.

Look, a still image just can't communicate how breathtaking this game is. Go download it, or at least watch a video. Just see it in motion. Fall in love with it like I did.

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