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The Alto Collection is sliding onto the Epic Games Store for free next week

The good grind

My phone is not a phone. I message on it, I poke things on it, and I take photos of my cat with it. Phoning people is the last thing I want to do with it. I also used to chase after llamas on my snowboard on it, but now I can do that on the PC as Alto’s Adventure and Alto's Odyssey, two lovingly crafted endless runners, are now coming to the Epic Games Store as The Alto Collection, and they’ll be free for the first week.

The games are split over snowy mountains and sloping deserts, both excellent things to slide down. They get a lot out of the premise. After the llamas escape, you slide after them, doing basic tricks like backflips and dodging rocks, and adding advanced stuff like wall-rides and wingsuits. You can ride over the top of hot air balloons and glide with tornadoes to look extra cool if you like. It’s a mix of relaxing drifting and extreme sports.

More importantly, they're both just staggeringly pretty. I know you're not supposed to look directly at the sun, but I'd encourage you to stare at the trailer here with your eyes as wide open as you can manage. Don't let those pixels go to waste.

Watch on YouTube

And now I’ll attempt to craft the perfect press quote for their next trailer because that one really had a lot of them and I'm a bit jealous. Let me see. "Alto is looking like a 2GB download." There, perfect.

The Alto Collection will be out on August 13th on the Epic Games Store, and it’ll be free until August 20th.

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