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Have you played… Bikrash?

Biking off more than you can chew

Would you like to crash your bike into dozens of other cyclists, causing a giant bicycle pile-up? Of course you would. Come with me.

Bikrash is a simple game, full of simple joys. Joys like kicking the cyclist next to you so that he tumbles off his bike and into a pit. You are a wheeled menace. It’s a bit like driving the motorcycles in PlayStation 3 racing game Motorstorm. You want to ride alongside other racers, just so you can knock them out. I mentioned it once in our best free games of the week, and I still remember how much it made me giggle.

But of course, the pile-up is as much a danger to you as it is to your rivals. You can pop a little jump, sure, enough to get over the pitfalls that show up on the road every now and again. But sometimes it’s not enough to avoid the tangled mess of spokes and handlebars that results from some AI bikeman bumbling the whole race for everyone. There are a hundred competitors in this race, and just avoiding the broken bits of bicycle is hard enough, never mind reaching the finish line.

Again, it’s completely free.

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