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Have you played... Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams

Every day I'm puzzlin'

I'm running out of pictures to use when I write about Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams because I've only completed two puzzles in it. I've been doing the third one for about a year, because it's, I think, six thousand pieces. I say "i think" because it's been long enough that I can't remember if I told the game to generate it as five or six thousand. But it's a lot of thousand.

I really like jigsaws (I am in the middle of doing a real life one that is a big copy of the London Underground map) but, even though I have one of those special mats to do puzzles on so you can fold them away, they're quite inconvenient. At the same time, though, there are very few digi-jigsaws that capture the kind of tactile experience of sifting and sorting through pieces. Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams really does, though.

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Every piece is simulated. They have a 3D depth and you can pick 'em up and turn 'em around. You can drop them and lose them under the sofa (but, this being digital, you can teleport lost pieces back to you). Every one has a slightly different shape, in the style of die cut jigsaws, but you can customise the number of pieces to pretty much the upper limit of what your computer can handle, as well as the image. The game comes with a big pack of potential pictures to use, but you can upload your own to use too.

Once you've decided on your puzzle, it's simulated in a lovely little studio flat with a mezzanine bedroom area. There are several different tables and floor areas where you can choose to do your puzzling, and it's always a nice, sunny, relaxing day. Plenty of light to do the tricky colour comparisons. I've spent many hours in this game, and with my six thousand piece puzzle I call it a good day if I make two connections over lunch. Progress is slow, but satisfying.

You don't have to go it alone, though, because Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams added co-op fairly recently, so you can pick away at a jigsaw with your pals. It's something I should consider if I want to finish the one I'm on before I actually die.

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