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Have You Played... LEGO City Undercover?

Glow brick

For the best part of 15 years, most LEGO games were The Characters You Like In Those Films, But Now In Brick Form. Will Arnett hadn’t donned the cowl yet, nor was Chris Pratt singing about everything being more than decent, so Those Films weren’t even LEGO films. I think that’s why I felt compelled to play LEGO City Undercover when it first launched on the Nintendo Switch prototype in 2013. It was something completely new from the people who didn’t normally give us something completely new.

While LCU wasn’t necessarily drastically different from the LEGO games that came before, it still gave me an open-world game I could play with my nephew. Given that the majority of open-worlds involve you either stabbing, shooting, or stabbing and shooting, a GTA Juniors game was a breath of fresh air. And, like most of the films, the dialogue and tone was more Pixar than Peppa. Fun for all the family!

Now, when it launched on PC, it was a bit of a state. If you tried to change the resolution, you’d get a black screen; alt-tabbing didn’t work for… reasons; and it didn’t have mouse support. So, if you played LEGO City Undercover when it first came to Steam, then maybe you don’t have memories as fond as mine.

But, if you decide to jump in now – four years later and after patches – you should find a game that doesn’t talk down to kids or bore adults to death. I mean, it's still a LEGO game, so it’s not going to blow both your socks off. It’s comforting, though - like putting on a pair of those warm, fluffy socks you get at Christmas. So, heat your feet and give this one a go.

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