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Bricky bobbies: LEGO City Undercover coming to PC

Plastic polis

LEGO City Undercover [official site] is finally on its way to PC, having been banged up on Nintendo's Wii U since 2013. It's the LEGO game I've wanted most in yonks, an open-world 'Grand Theft Auto for kiddywinkles' sort of dealio parodying '70s cop movies and TV shows. Expect gangs of punks, big boxes of donuts, deep cop funk, and villains with names like Rex Fury. I heard good things about it and I'll be keen to see myself when the game swings by our way in spring 2017.

Undercover stars Chase McCain, a heroic plastic cop who goes undercover to bust the dastardly Rex Fury. Along with story missions, it has an open crimeworld to roam. I do like how his fighting moves have all the bombast and ineptness of TV stuntcops. Our pals at Eurogamer will tell you it's a cracking game.

Warner Bros. announced a Steam PC released yesterday with a wee tweet which didn't say much. The LEGO gang mentioned that it's "remastered", though I'm not expecting a huge overhaul. The LEGO games all look like plastiworlds anyway. I do wonder how they'll rework the bits made for the Wii U tablet controller.

Here's an old trailer from the Wii U version:

Cover image for YouTube video

Ah, no, I- I can't stand it. I didn't plan this but here we go:

Cover image for YouTube video

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