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Have You Played... She Remembered Caterpillars?

No butterflies allowed

She Remembered Caterpillars is a very good puzzle game that combines colours and logic and, yes, squishy caterpillars, with a sweet story about science and parenting. Also mushrooms, sort of.

My feelings about mushrooms as a concept are complicated and often fluctuate, so these days if I think about it too long She Remembered Caterpillars is close to being a horror game for me. So let's not think about it too long.

The idea on each level is to get a little walking spore to the an exit platform, whereupon it will grow little organic helicopter blades and fly off. The spores are different colours and shapes, however, and there are obstacles in their way. Blue circle spores can only cross over blue caterpillar bridges, and can't go though blue circle gates.

You have to do things in the right order to get everyone where they're supposed to be, as more colours and more conditions are added. And at the same time, you get little bits of a story about the bittersweet relationship between a parent and their child, and death. Because caterpillars and spores and fungus are all a bit about death, aren't they? But, like, not necessarily in a bad way.

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