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Have You Played... Tetris?

Lines, as far as the eye can see

When he was prodding us all into doing our HYPs this month, Brendy pointed out that nobody had done Tetris yet, and then got upset when none of us put Tetris on our list. So here I am, writing up Tetris, even though I suspect you’ve probably already played it.

In case you haven’t, here’s a quick recap. The year is 1986. You play as Alexey, a researcher working for the Academy of Sciences in Soviet Moscow. One day, you create a game to test some software and, to your surprise, it becomes a hit amongst your co workers and eventually across the continent. What follows is a battle to retain licensing rights combined with a white hot take on the realities of living under the Soviet regime.

Tetris received praise for its searing political commentary, combined with truly captivating dialogue in a layered story that left much to each player's own interpretation. And boy, that music is catchy!

[This is not what I meant - HYP Editor]

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