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Tetris Effect's trippy tetrominoes tumble onto PC next week

Heck yeah

The digital dreaming of Rez Infinite and music-matching of Lumines lock into the block-spinning puzzling of Tetris next week with the PC launch of Tetris Effect, a trippy take on tetrominoes from some of the folks behind those other two fines games. Tetris Effect debuted on PlayStation 4 in November and I'll be very glad to have a go myself, given some of the lovely things I've heard about it. Hell, forget hearing about it, see it in this trailer.

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That's some good-looking Tetris, that.

Christian Donlan of our corporate sibling Eurogamer had wonderful things to say about it:

"Tetris Effect's fearsome power emerges from the fact that it takes you back to a place you already know intimately, and then it switches synaesthesia on and lets it erupt around you and make the whole thing new again. Whales and mantas flicker and burst overhead, horses and riders made of tiny pieces of light rush through ghostly geometrical canyons, jewels form chains and the chains swing on a tinkling breeze. And even so, Tetris is still, gloriously, a game about what isn't there yet. All this light and noise, all this quick-change artistry, and yet you still lean forward, peering through it, and playing five seconds into the hopeful future."

Donlan you old dog, you've won me over again.

The PC version of Tetris Effect will support both regular screens and those pairs of diddy screens you strap to your grubby face. Today's announcement also says the PC version is fancied up with "Unlocked resolution and an uncapped framerate if Vsync is disabled, increased texture and particle effect options, support for super high-resolution and ultrawide monitors, and more." The particle option I desire is: more, please.

Tetris Effect is coming to PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store on July 23rd, priced at £32/€40/$40. It's made by Monstars Inc. and Resonair, and published by Enhance. Epic exclusivity tends to last one year, so perhaps we'll see it elsewhere eventually.

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