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Tetris Effect: Connected is coming to Steam this August with crossplay

Tetris with space whales

Tetris Effect has been available on PC via the Epic Games Store for the past year, which means it's time for it to leap free and land on Steam. August 18th is the date, and it'll come with the free multiplayer update Tetris Effect: Connected.

Hey - this also means that Tetris Effect is going to come to the newly announced Steam Deck, the first time it's appeared on a handheld machine.

A friend recently pointed out how good the original Tetris Effect trailer is, and heck, they're not wrong:

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If Tetris Effect were a person, it might be one of the most irritating people you've ever met. Imagine a person in a dolphin t-shirt, stoned, alternately talking about the interconnectedness of everything and trying to convince you that they're a super-taster.

Thankfully it's not a person, it's a video game and it's a good one. I mean, it's Tetris, but with beautiful visual effects, music, and floating space whales. It's transcendent - at least in as much as it transcends its own tropes, many of which are familiar from previous works by the same creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who also led the creation of Rez Infinite.

Tetris Effect is one of our picks for the best VR games. I'm the person who put it on there, but honestly, it's better still when just played on a regular desktop screen.

You can wishlist Tetris Effect: Connected on Steam here. It'll have crossplay with the console releases of the game, and a few other bells and whistles when it launches on August 18th.

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