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Have You Played... Tetris Effect?

The expletive flow state

Tetris. We all know Tetris. We all have feelings about Tetris, one way or the other. Tetris Effect is Tetris, but with lots of flashy effects and cool backgrounds and music designed to help you slip into that flow state that allows you to perform superhuman feats of organisation for a short time.

Of course, the flow state gets a little messed up when you accidentally tap left one too many times, and suddenly the expletives are coming as thick and fast as the tetrominoes.

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After that point, there's an interesting dichotomy between the upbeat chillstep music and effects, and the sheer panic that wells up inside you as you fight desperately to regain control of the board. Board? Is it a board, or a grid? These are the questions that slip into my mind while I'm on a roll, and turn the run from an unmitigated success to a crushing defeat in a matter of seconds.

If you like Tetris, there's likely no damage that Tetris Effect can do to your brain that hasn't already been done many years ago. The expletive flow state awaits.

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