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Bombastic block-dropper Tetris Effect hits PC today

Crank up those blocks

Tetris is comfortable. It's nice and predictable. The meat and potatoes of puzzle games. In 2018 Tetris Effect threw that impression into a blender - and now I can finally get a shot.

Last year's PS4-exclusive iteration of the block 'em up was handed off to Rez Infinite developers Resonair and Monstars Inc. Unsurprisingly, it carried over Rez's reactive cacophony of sound and light, elevating the familiar classic into something entirely new. It looked nice is all.

Like the rest of us on PC, I missed Tetris Effect when it exploded last November. I'm a sucker for a good rhythm explosion - that was rough. A mere ten months later, Tetris Effect is finally on the platform that can make its particle explosion shine.

The PC edition brings along all those fancy computer bells and whistles. Expect 4K support, uncapped frames, ultra-wide resolution support and more options for nerds to tweak and tinker with. It's still Tetris, mind. You won't need a top-of-the-line rig to get it running.

If you're so inclined, you can also plug in your desktop VR headset of choice. It supports both Oculus Rift, Vive, Index and all, with regular gamepads or each headset's respective motion grips.

Tetris Effect is out now exclusively on the Epic Games Store. The regular price is £32/€40/$40, though a cool 20% launch discount brings it down to £25 for the next two weeks. The soundtrack sampler and a few wallpapers are thrown in free over this fortnight too.

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