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Have You Played... The Bradwell Conspiracy?

Welcome! To the world of tomorrow!

The Bradwell Conspiracy is a first-person puzzle game involving secret magic caves under Stone Henge, a huge soulless corporation, and international espionage and intrigue. Coo, what a pitch.

The puzzle bits are physics-y, because as you travel deep into the neo-retro, corporate bowls of the Bradwell Foundation (a family owned but deeply sinister science and tech company) you get a magic 3D printer gun thing. It can gloop out a solid object of anything you have the blueprint for, so you can find interesting solutions to, for example, traversal puzzles.

As I pointed out at the time of release, though, probably my favourite thing about The Bradwell Conspiracy is just how well it does the "business pretending that it's one big happy family" thing. This is achieved to perfection through a series of posters that escalate in tone as you progress through the more secret areas of the Foundation. Eventually it's full on LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS! SHUT IT, DESK PIG territory.

Brb, making a custom SHUT IT, DESK PIG t-shirt.

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