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Have You Played... The Signal From Tölva?

Impostor syn-drone

Who doesn't like a good wibbly robot? The Signal From Tölva is about plunging into the minds of drones as you potter about a sci-fi warzone, dotted with the metallic carcasses of a forgotten civilisation. It drips atmosphere like a too-big spider emerging from a bath.

Something is very definitely wrong on Tölva. Stray too near certain artefacts and your vision starts blurring - or maybe it's the barren hills themselves that have decided they won't sit still. There's nothing for it but to press onward, though, marching forward to the steady whirr of mechanical legs. Your torch, if you care to risk using it, sends two searing headlights into the gloom. You're never allowed to forget that you're an impostor, and you're never let in on what you truly are.

I don't think you are, anyway. It's been years since I set foot on Tölva, and I mainly just remember shivering inside borrowed skin. Oh, and the guns make cool wibbly noises. Who doesn't like a good wibbly gun?

Disclosure: Jim Rossignol co-founded RPS, as well as Big Robot Games, who made this. I've only met him once, though he has also mocked my understanding of Iain M. Banks on Twitter.

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