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Have You Played... The Sims Castaway Stories?

Sans Wilson

The Sims Castaway Stories was one of The Sims Stories series (which included Life and Pets as well as Castaway). These came out around the same time as The Sims 2, as a range of Sims games that were made to be more laptop friendly. For me, though, these Sims Stories games were the answer to my lack of Sims Urbz. A single sim, story led, Sims game.

I’ve chosen to write about Castaway Stories over the other two entries because I really enjoyed the completely new premise of the game. Life stories? Fine, but I could do that in The Sims 2 already. Same with Pet stories. But Castaway stories? I couldn't get a Sim stranded on an island in TS2 even if I tried really hard. Plus Castaway Stories had orangutans.

Your sim was thrown onto a deserted island and had to fend for themselves (albeit with you to help them). A small, but enjoyable and notable, difference was “buy mode” was renamed to “barter mode” which is fitting. It was kind of a slimline Sims game, and it was missing a lot of things, but it also added a few new items that were originally from older Sims 2 expansions, like swimming in the sea, a few different animals, and weather, all now Sims staples.

It was great fun, and I miss these silly side games a lot. I previously wrote about The Sims Medieval too, but we’ve not had anything similar to these since the Sims 4 has come out. EA, if you’re reading this: make another spin-off.

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