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Have You Played... The Sims Medieval?

Waiting for The Sims Medieval 2020

Who ever thought there would be a point in our lives when Turk from Scrubs would be in your face to encourage you to buy a Sims game? I never did, but at the time it certainly helped make the case to buy The Sims Medieval.

I was pretty much sold on it already when I realised it was a thing, because who wouldn’t want to control their own kingdom? And no, games like Civilization or Crusader Kings never provided what I wanted, before you start in the comments. Can you decorate your throne room? Can you give your leader green hair? Exactly.

The Sims Medieval was one of the only versions of The Sims I could really get my history and castle-loving dad to look at. It probably also had something to do with the Turk endorsement, as we were massive fans of Scrubs (seasons one to seven, of course). But for me, The Sims fan, the Sims Medieval gave the series a whole new lease of life. Sure there were instalments like Castaway Stories and Pet Stories around the time of The Sims 2, but a Sims game where you can become any kind of leader you want was just fantastic. And still is, really.

It’s true when they say The Sims 4 feels a bit empty compared to previous entries, and it by no means seems to want to take as many risks like a medieval ruler version of itself. But The Sims Medieval had enough in it to encourage players who prefer RPGs to dip their toe in. Although I still feel like a lot of people would’ve been put off because, y'know, it’s The Sims. But honestly, give it a go! You might be surprised.

You can pick from different types of era-appropriate Sim to control, from Monarchs, Wizards, Spies, to Priests, Merchants, and Bards. There are only two needs in this (energy and hunger), only three traits (two good ones, and one “fatal flaw”), and Sims didn’t age and die. Two sims can produce an heir, but that child will only age up if their parents die.

It's a great way for people to sink their teeth into games with an RPG element, or a focus on building and people management, but still with the up close simulation elements that makes The Sims great. It was a lot of fun building my world and navigating life through a place where Sims were kind of what I knew, but also completely different. Massive shout out to Turk for encouraging me to pick this game up.

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