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Have You Played... Tilt Brush?

Master stroke

"Played" is a stretch, isn't it? Tilt Brush is a VR paint 'em up where you enter a blank void and art till your heart's content. Maybe you'll do a tree. A campfire. Or, if you're like, a proper artist, a giant luminescent fire-spewing dragon.

I've spent most of my time in Tilt Brush looking at other people's dragons.

I did throw myself into things, at first. I painstakingly sculpted a tree from the trunk up, convincing myself that every brown mottled splodge was building towards a masterpiece. I cleverly made branches follow the natural unfolding curve of my arm, and did individual leaves in apposite places, ensuring they didn't jar against a bulkier mass of tasteful green squiggles. I thought I'd harnessed the power of VR to create the best tree since Sin.

Then I stepped back, and realised I'd seen children do better things with macaroni. Much of its glory is lost in flato-vision, but here's that dragon I was talking about.

Tilt Brush isn't really something you play to win, but I definitely feel like I lost.

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