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Hold a VR puppet show with Pointless Puppets


All these so-called 'experts' have their hot takes on what virtual reality means for cinema, for video games, for education, and for using a 360° endoscope to crawl around inside your own body, yet these Albert flipping Frankensteins have all missed the obvious medium: what about VR and puppetry? Thankfully, Estella Tse and Chris Gallello have this covered. They've released Pointless Puppets [Itch page], an adorable VR game turning your cyberwands into puppets. Look at this:

"Play with puppets, hold up some signs, and create silly GIFs," Tse and Gallello say. They call Pointless Puppets "a wonderfully pointless VR experience created with Tiltbrush" and hey, pointlessness is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Look at 'em!

Pointless Puppets is free from Itch. I'm not gogged-up myself so I've not picked up a cyberpupp myself but this idea and these GIFs are treasure enough.

Keep an eye on Kickstarter for my endoscope VR peripheral! Yes, it absolutely will come in tactical matte black.

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