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Have You Played... Toblo?


"Toblo!", cheers the peppy American woman every time you go back to the menu screen. Toblo!


The concept of Toblo is simple and timeless. You control a little blobby stick figure devil as it glides about a chunky map made of children's building blocks, all of which you can pick up and fling around. Blocks are both defences and ammunition, for you see the other team, the angels (you can play as them instead if you're a dork), are trying to steal your flags. Important devil flags that must be protected. So you pick up pieces of the land and sling them at the other team. A hit knocks them out for a while with a satisfying cartoon slap sound.

It's tempting in a pinch to pick up parts of your own base walls to stop an invader, but that obviously makes it easier for them to get in again. The realistic-ish physics may not seem impressive today, but as its modern cousin Throw Cubes Into Brick Towers To Collapse Them demonstrates, some ideas never get old. Simulating so many tumbling bricks in the year 2006 (1 BRPS) was really impressive, and its cheery cartoon sounds and music turned it into a genuinely decent game.

Toblo is still available for free at the developers' site, and to my surprise works absolutely fine on Windows 10.

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