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Throw Cubes Into Brick Towers To Collapse Them, that's it, that's the game

It all returns to nothing

Vague one-word game names are out. Bin 'em. Destiny? Anthem? Halo? You sure did come up with some inspired names for running and gunning, eh? None of these names would get the Ronseal approval, I'll tell you that. Now, Ivan "Nothke" Notaros's Throw Cubes Into Brick Towers To Collapse Them, there's a game that does exactly what it says on the tin.

TCIBTTCT, an "open-world physics sandbox with very few options", calls itself the first game to utilise Unity's new built-in Havok physics support. Given that support is maybe a day old, it's quite likely. You can pick it up for a whole £1/€1/$1 over on Itch.io.

For those not neck-deep in dev, Havok is a practically ubiquitous tool for creating convincing physics interactions. It's what made Half-Life 2's gravity gun so juicy, and has since been used in practically everything that wants at least one tin can kicking about nicely.

Until now, Unity devs had to make do with the engine's wonky built-in physics support, scour for plug-ins, or use their own. Unity and Havok announced their partnership back at GDC this year, but it seems the engine-makers quietly pushed the physics package in the latest update to the Unity Editor. All devs will be able to try it out for free until January 15th 2020, at which point more detailed licensing comes into effect.

Sure, it's a joke. But watching big piles of bricks collapse is simply quite satisfying, really. Make the tower small and knock it with a sneeze. Make it huge, and watch it bend, buckle, and come tumbling down. Swap some dials, start over. Absolutely brilliant nonsense, in a Red Faction Guerrilla kinda way.

While we're here, it's worth pointing out the rest of Nothke's lineup, including an 8bit demake of No Man's Sky and a lovely little game about getting lost in the desert on a motorcycle.

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