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Have You Played... Vilmonic?

Playing God

I have tried and failed to play Vilmonic. It's an artificial life sim where you're in charge of your own organisms, cultivating the ideal conditions for them to prosper and grow. Think Creatures, but with optional genome editing.

It's too much for me, but it is fascinating.

You start off with dreams and a spade. If you want prosperity, you'll need to muck in directly to make it happen. There's a crafting ladder to climb, where tools and buildings let you shape the future of your own pet species. You can wall in animals for controlled breeding programs, carefully pairing off those with desired traits. Maybe you're after a better sense of smell, or superior water retention. Maybe you want to turn your creatures into carnivores.

It's a chance to play God, albeit a God that struggles to wrap their mind around metabolic cycles. Some people play Vilmonic and become scientists, and their accomplishments are magnificent. They do actual research, and build on each other's discoveries.

They're the real gods. I'm content to watch them.

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