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Have You Played... Worms World Party Remastered?

Radio is cursed

I'm not sure I have, to be honest. With Worms games, it's hard to tell where one begins and the other ends - much like some real world worms. Was there supposed to be a defining characteristic of Worms World Party? Did it come out ten years ago or five? I don't know, and there is literally no available resource that could tell me the answers. I'll just have to tell you about that time it haunted my old radio show instead.

This was student radio, obviously. A wonderful world where any idiot with a mouth can take to the airwaves, then despair at all the other mouthy idiots who take Ofcom regulations far too seriously. It's also a place to talk about videogames.

Me and a friend hosted a show called The First Person Shouter, a name we thought far cleverer than it is. We used to chat about what we'd been playing, answer questions from the handful of friends who intermittently listened, and play music from topical computer games. We got through a lot of Darren Korb.

More memorable, though, was the time we suddenly heard the first four seconds of this. I don't recall us even doing anything. This just happened in the middle of an anecdote about toppling a goat down a Skyrim mountain, or something.

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It stopped as quickly as it started. An unexplained, mid-show incursion from the hell dimension. I think my radio pal must have put the song in the system months beforehand, leaving time for us both to forget the cacophony had an earthly origin. I only figured out where it came from hours after the fact, and I'm still not convinced we can rule out paranormal interference. There was a running joke about the studio being haunted.

It's the best evidence for the supernatural I've every encountered, and my desk's right next to Ghoastus.

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