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He Ain't HEVy: Paper Half-Life

The internet has too many wonderful things to look at. Stop it, internet! Stop having too many wonderful things! The sad consequence of this is that we're sometimes a little late at showing you particular wonderful things, such as this wonderful stop-motion, papercraft animation of wonderful Half-Life and wonderful Half-Life 2 by the wonderful Stepan Yurov. They're quite wonderful. Wonderfully, you can watch them both below. How wonderful!

Here's Half-Life 1 (which is the best of the Half-Lives no matter what you say. This isn't just my opinion, because if it were it'd be a completely meaningless thing to say, like "I think bacon flavoured crisps are better than salt and vinegar flavoured crisps." No, I have empirical, factual, objective, scientific proof that Half-Life is unquestinably better than Half-Life 2, which I keep in a locked, lead-lined suitcase in my attic. I would show it you so that you know I'm not just expressing my own opinion, but it's just so astoundingly, unpredecentedly irrefutable that your brain would simply explode on the spot were I to do so.)

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From way back in 2009, that one. I notice only half as many people have watched as for this, Half-Life 2 in stop-motion papercraft. Fools! Fools, the lot of you!

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Alright, that's pretty good too. And has more gags.

It's the sound effects that make these, oddly. Those noises are so familiar, so deeply embedded in so many PC gamers' minds - while the PC's forever off to new, exciting, unguessable places, it's safe to say the Half-Lives very much defined a certain era. Sniff.

Many thanks to everyone who sent this in. Please keep sending us things; things are good.

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