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Hellgate Banished To MMO Hell

Or heaven, if you're one of the 12 people who liked it. We kind of lost track of what was going on with Flagship's flagship game after their messy demise, but looks like it managed to squeeze out a few more months of half-life. That's all over come next February though, when the gate to hell will be permanently sealed.

Hellgate has apparently been in the hands of Namco Bandai since Flagship sunk, but they've told Gamespot that the servers are shutting down come Jan 31st. It's free to play for existing players until then. Sad? Not especially: it's a game that should have been better, but it is a shame Flagship didn't get a second crack at the whip. Cutsey free-to-play Diablolike Mythos could have worked out well for them, but, this many months along, it doesn't seem like that's going to survive its creators implosion in any form.

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