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Help: The Game Collection Benefits War Child Charity

Eleven developers, including familiar names like The Creative Assembly and Rovio, have teamed up with War Child to help raise money for children in areas of conflict. The bundle includes 12 unique games for £9.99/$14.99 and all proceeds go to the charity. It's an excellent chance to do good while playing some fine games.

The collection features a nice mix of genres, with some real time strategy, puzzle, endless running, and visual novel numbers thrown in, to name just a few. Among them is Malkia, a strategy game set in a fictional African country in which you help a mother develop her business and care for her family.

There are a number of games in the collection that raise awareness of families and children coping with war, too. Emily: Displaced tells the story of a girl dealing with the aftermath of a violent uprising in her country. A Verdant Hue looks at how we heal after conflict, as you help to restore your family's garden. Overall, there's a good variety of simple fun and games that might really make you think.

War Child is doing important work in countries in conflict or post-war recovery, helping children receive the protection, education, and psycho-social aid that they desperately need. The organization has collaborated with the games industry in the past, and have raised over £1.5 million with the help of studios and industry enthusiasts. You can learn more about the organization on their website, and be sure to take a look at the game collection on Steam.

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