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Help those affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict

Donate if you can

A picture of the separation wall between Israel and Gaza.
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The recent resumption of hostilities between Israeli armed forces and Hamas is taking a terrible toll on the people of Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem; at time of writing, over 200 civilians have died and thousands more are injured. Longstanding destruction of infrastructure, including loss of power and water, makes treating the wounded a challenge and exacerbates this humanitarian crisis.

Help is urgently needed, particularly for Palestinians who make up the overwhelming majority of the casualties. Here we've listed some charities that are helping the most affected people in the region - please consider a donation.

Save the Children

The UK-based children's charity has an emergency fund that is currently focusing on the Gaza crisis. Donations are used to purchase such essential items as hygiene kits, first aid kits and LED lighting.

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Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières

The France-based medical relief team has long had a presence in the region and is operating clinics in Gaza and supporting hospitals in Palestine. Donations will go towards essential medical treatments for victims of the conflict.

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United Nations Relief and Works Agency

This body, funded by voluntary contributions from UN member states as well as private donors, provides critical healthcare - paying particular attention to the psychosocial effects of conflict - as well as food and poverty relief, infrastructure such as schools and shelters, and education for refugee children.

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Children of Peace

This charity works to improve the prospects of both Palestinian and Israeli children affected by conflict in the region, and seeks to build trust and reconciliation through arts, sports, health and education programmes.

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MAP - Medical Aid for Palestinians

Donations to this healthcare charity's emergency fund will help procure drugs and medical supplies needed across Gaza and East Jerusalem. The charity also invests in local capacity and skills to bolster the Palestinian healthcare system in the longer term.

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Action Aid

This women's and girls' rights charity has a Gaza Crisis response fund that is providing food, shelter, cash and psychosocial help to the worst-hit families in the region.

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