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Try a bite from these 460 indie game trailers of IGF nominees

You don't need to devour all 14 hours to find something tasty

This year's Independent Games Festival has announced that over 500 games have been accepted as entries to its yearly selection of award nominees. How do you even begin to process that many indie games? Well, you and I don't have to, thank goodness. You can try though, thanks to a playlist of trailers for 460 of the lot.

Ta to developer "Grapefrukt" for putting together this absolute marathon which comes in at about 14 hours of total trailer time. I certainly won't get through the entire thing, nor do I expect most other people to. It's a neat sample—albeit a large one—of what independant games are out there right now and how they choose to present themselves.

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You can spot the likes of well-known indie games including Bugsnax and Spelunky 2 on the list alongside games you may never have heard about. As with the big Steam Games Festival of demos from last week, I figure it's better not to stress about seeing everything and just take a quick bite. Maybe you'll stumble onto something neat.

Personally, I'm scrolling past all the names I recognise to take a look at some of the lesser known entries. Here's a simulation called Hot Pot For One (also seen up top there) about the bittersweet feeling of enjoying a big meal while stuck home alone on Christmas in a foreign country. There's one called Hoplegs too, which appears to be a somewhat QWOP-like test of terrible locomotion.

You can catch the entire list of entries over on the IGF website if you're curious to see if your personal favorites are in the running.

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