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Here's some QuakeCon At Home highlights to tune in to

Tune in

QuakeCon At Home is live this weekend on Twitch, though it really should be called BethFest when you look at the schedule. The event has moved wholly online thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the rescheduled celebration of id’s and Bethesda’s games has an intriguing schedule. Here are a few of the highlights.

A warning: Quakecon is an American event, so if you’re in the UK or Europe, some of these will be broadcast at an ungodly hour, but it’s on Twitch and the previous Quakecon broadcasts are archived there, so you won’t need to watch them live.


It kicks off today at 5PM BST/12PM EST with "Welcome to Quakecon at Home", where Bethesda Softworks Senior Vice President Pete Hines will talk about the upcoming weekend and update us all on a few games (I really hope Deathloop is mentioned).

Then I’ll take a screen break until 10PM BST/5PM EST for “Representation in Video Games”, for a “discussion on the importance of representation and character diversity in video games.”

Right after that, at 11PM BST/6PM EST is “Prey Tell” which will go over the making of Arkane’s Prey, and I’m all over that.


Saturday’s stream carries on from Friday’s. It’’ll be in bed, but at 7AM BST/2AM EST the “Fallout – Cooking Show” will show how to make those terrifying in-game recipes..

At 11.30AM BST/6.30AM EST “The Secrets of Doom Eternal” looks like a fun squint at the labyrinthian levels of the latest Doom, showing off hidden areas that the series does so well.

My potential highlight of the weekend is “A Dishonored Tabletop Adventure” as the original game’s co-creative director, Harvey Smith, plays the tabletop RPG based on Dishonored. Our own Alice Bee had a go of it earlier in the year with our lovely friends at Dicebreaker.


"Fallout 76 Sightseeing" is at 10AM BST/5AM EST. I’m one of the people who played a lot of ‘76 and had fun doing so, so it would be nice to see if there was anything I’ve missed.

“A Dishonored Tabletop Adventure (Continued!)” is back at 6PM BST/1PM EST.

The "Quake World Championship – Grand Finals" follows right after that at 7PM BST/2PM EST. This is the high-stakes conclusion of the Quake Pro League, with 24 players competing for a share of $150,000.

More Prey at 1AM BST/8PM EST where "Mooncrash with Lawrence Sonntag and Ricardo Bare" will have an in-depth discussion about the strange DLC they added to Prey.

And those are my picks from the weekend. There’s loads more to choose from, but I also need to sleep and clean the bathroom. Have fun.

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